Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Apple updates the developer version of Leopard!

Apple just released an update 9A499 to the developer version of Mac
OS Leopard. This seed apparently comes with a number of new bugs,
but it is still seeing a large improvement from the last version.
Leopard is still expected to hit shelves in October.

Third quarter financial results!

Apple will be webcasting the financial results of its third quarter of 2007 that ended June 30th.  It will begin tonight, July 25th at 5 pm ET or 2 pm PT.  You can watch the webcast at

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Many new updates!

Wow! There are many updates that just came out. First, there is the QuickTime update 7.2 which adds iPhone export capability. The full-screen option is also not a Pro feature anymore! There is also iTunes 7.3.1 which seems to only solve minor bugs. At the same time, Microsoft released the Office 2004 update 11.3.6. The Office update mainly corrects Excel and Entourage bugs.